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RS Athlete First for youth athletes

Sports performance training is more than hustle and sweat.

It requires science-based & intentional programming; proper

technique; consistency; quality rest & recovery.

All athletes, regardless of sport, need the same foundational

skills to stay safe and maximize performance.

We're athletes first and foremost!

Coach Jen Enos uses her expertise to get athletes to the next

level of their game. Her athletes gain strength, power, speed,

and, most importantly, lifelong skills that help them

dominate the competition now and continue to train safely &

effectively throughout their lives. 

What you'll get

Individualized Programming

Every training program is designed with the best interest of the athlete and his or her performance in mind.

focus on mastery

Once basic techniques have been mastered, the workouts become more challenging.

expert coaching

Programs are based on consistent continual coaching in a positive learning environment


Why was I the best? What was my secret? i never
got bored with the basics.               
-Kobe Bryant


the best way to start

Two sessions per week where you'll train for strength, power, and movement skills to reduce injury risk + build muscle, speed, agility &  form.


level up

Athletic performance training is a year-round, cyclical process. Summer training is essential for athletes to remain strong, safe, and competitive.


don't waste the off-season

Our most popular option for summer! Four sessions a week allows us to  increase intensity & workload to take full advantage of the off-season.

every program is designed to build


Athleticism-based strength training, thorough instruction, and a focus on movement competency.


Olympic lifting, plyometrics, med ball training, jumping and landing techniques.

movement skills

Acceleration, deceleration, linear speed, and change-of-direction.

injury reduction

Mobility, stability, & nutrition, plus recovery tips and techniques.

more about coach jen

have you met her? she's awesome. She...

• is K-12 teacher with degrees in Kinesiology (BS) & Phys Ed/DAPE (BEd in progress)

• received a scholarship to play basketball at Humboldt State U

• was an NSCA Strength & Conditioning All American

• competes in Olympic weightlifting at a National level

• trained everyone from K-12 athletes to law enforcement/SWAT officers

• has a dog named Jack--just look at him!