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safety during covid-19

The great thing about being a private training facility is that we know *exactly* who's coming into our gym at any given time, and we know *exactly* what they're doing while they're here! That means it's easy for us to make sure we're looking out for the safety of our members & staff. Here are the changes we've made to keep you (and us) safe during this unprecedented time: 


  • each member gets an individual, sanitized workout pod of 6-10 square feet--and each workout pod is separated by a 6 square-foot "lava zone" that no members enter) 

  • each member gets sanitized, dedicated equipment 

  • each member is required to wear a mask to and from his or her workout pod

  • no more than six members are in the gym at a time



  • all staff wear masks 

  • all staff wash & sanitize their hands before each session & before touching any equipment


  • we clean all equipment with CDC-approved sanitizer after each use

  • we sanitize all frequently touched surfaces at least twice a day

  • our building is protected by a unicorn named Lady Rainicorn


For more info, check out this super-fun video! We've moved to a new, larger location since this was filmed, but our procedures and distancing remain the same! 


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