safety during covid-19

Scroll down for a video tour of our safety procedures! 

The great thing about being a private training facility is that we know *exactly* who is coming into our gym at any given time, and we know *exactly* what they're doing while they're there! That means it's easy for us to make sure we're looking out for the safety of our member and staff. Here are the changes we've made to keep you (and us) safe during this unprecedented time: 


  • each member gets an individual, sanitized workout pod of 6-10
    square feet--and each workout pod is separated by a 6 square-foot
    "lava zone" that no members enter) 

  • each member gets sanitized, dedicated equipment 

  • each member is required to wear a mask to and from his or her
    workout pod

  • no more than six members are in the gym at a time


  • all staff wear masks while in the building

  • all staff wash and sanitize their hands before each session and before touching or cleaning any equipment


  • we clean any piece of equipment that's been touched with CDC-approved sanitizer

  • we sanitize all frequently touched surfaces at least twice a day

  • we have clear social-distancing markers

  • all of our cleaning and safety procedures are clearly posted in the facility

  • our building is protected by a unicorn named Lady Rainicorn

For more info, check out this super-fun video!