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3 Stretches for golfers over 40

Golf is a sport that can demand a great amount of mobility in the hips, upper back, and shoulders. Not many people know this, but if you take five minutes to do a warm up before you golf, you can improve your swing by moving your joints first.

Think of it this way, when it’s below zero here, you often will go warm up your car before driving it. Why should we treat our body any different? And let me be clear, by moving your joints I do not mean practicing a few swings before starting. I mean to actually move your joints and stretch your muscles.

Reasons why warming up will improve your swing:

- Nervous system is primed

- Joints can move more freely

- Muscles are able to stretch

- Increased blood flow to body

- Decreases injury

Here are three stretches we like to use to help our golfers warm up:

Single Arm Chest Opener

This will help stretch the pecs and biceps, which often get very tight from golfing.

- Start in a tall and tight position

- Reach the arm back until you feel a stretch in the front of the chest & bicep

- Hold for 3 seconds then return to the start

Hip Extension

The power of your swing comes from your hips. Extending the hip (stretching it back) will help with opening up the tight muscles in the front of your hips.

- Raise one knee up so the hip is flexed

- Reach the back leg as far as you can, landing on the ball of your foot

- Slightly bend the front knee and sit the weight of your hips down to the ground

- Hold for 3 seconds then return to the start

½ Kneeling Thoracic Rotation

Your upper back and hips work together when it comes swinging your club. The ½ kneeling Thoracic Rotation opens both the hips and upper back.

- Start in a ½ kneeling position with the dowel across the shoulders

- Turn to the knee the is up using your upper back

- Keep your ribs down and hips up as you move

- Hold for 3 seconds then return to the start

For each stretch try doing 5-10 reps on each side next time you decide to go golfing.

If you want to learn more about how SMART Fit can help you improve your golf game, email us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

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