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Adults Over 40 Need to Get Strong & Here's Why

Walking upstairs is difficult, playing the kids gets to be exhausting, you struggle carrying laundry from the basement, and so many other daily things. This is a common thing that many people struggle with and honestly, that sucks. The great thing about that is you are able to do something about this and it’s simple, get strong.

Strong isn’t what most people think, most people think that being strong is having huge muscles and lifting 500 pounds. Being strong isn’t defined as one specific thing, in our opinion we believe that being strong is subjective to each individual. This means that people can define what it means to be strong on their own terms.

For us we define being strong as the following: One’s ability to have the physical and mental strength to live the life they want to have.

Getting strong comes with some awesome benefits, here are just a few.

Reduces injuries

By doing a strength training program you are strengthening the muscles and joints. Most common injuries happen from overuse of specific muscles or joints. Being able to strengthen them will help with reducing the amount of overuse and prepare them for daily activities. When joints and muscles are stronger they are less likely to fatigue when we need them to work harder.

Improves your immune system

Our bodies are typically in a constant state of stress, which is not helpful to our immune system. The more stress we have, the higher risk we are to be exposed to illnesses. By doing regular strength training you are able to help increase blood flow to the body, relieve stress, and release endorphins. These are things that will help regulate your stress and allow your immune system to improve.

Prevents/manages osteoporosis and arthritis

Weightlifting will help you with building greater bone density. With greater bone density this helps fight off the disease of osteoporosis. Having greater bone density means that your bones are less likely to be brittle and break. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints which can be managed with strength training by easing joint pain and stiffness. When you reduce the inflammation, you are able to move and feel better.

Makes you live longer

Being stronger means you can be more active, have a healthier body, and be able to have less stress. These are all indicators that lead to longevity, and having longevity means a long life. When you are feeling better both physically and mentally you are able to live a life that you want. This can lead to greater happiness and reduced stress which helps you live longer.

Makes life easy

Remember how hard it was walking up those stairs? Not anymore, getting strong has given you the strength to walk up those stairs with ease. Daily chores life carrying in groceries and laundry gets easier, which helps boost our confidence, and who doesn’t like feeling confident? Getting back the energy you needed to play with the kids is a powerful feeling to have, and you were able to do that because you made the choice of getting strong.

If you are wanting to get these benefits for yourself, message us right now to set up a free consultation to help you get your best life!!

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