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Does Getting Strong Help Low Back Pain?

Suffering from back pain is literally the worst. There are some days that are good and some days that are just awful. Not too long ago our member Dave was dealing with some low back/sciatic issues. This is a common thing that a lot of our members deal with, that we help them work around.

Most low back issues happen outside of the gym typically when we are moving something or doing something without the best body mechanics. It’s critical that we spend time strengthening the main areas that can lead to low back pain. If we are able to get stronger in these areas the likelihood of an injury happening is significantly reduced.

Here is how strength training helped Dave get out of low back pain and back into a regular routine!

Strengthen the low back

The low back’s main purpose is to help us move and keep the hips stable. If you are sitting all day with not the best posture you can be causing harm to the low back. The way we were able to help Dave strengthen this area was with deadlifts. Deadlifts are a great exercise for helping the low back get stronger and more resilient.

Strengthen the core

Getting a stronger core doesn’t mean endless amounts of crunches and planks. We need to look at strengthening the job of the core, which is to keep the body stable and movable forwards/backwards and rotationally. The stronger the core is, the more stable the hips and low back will be and will reduce the back rounding when picking things up. The exercises we choose here was dead bugs, they are great for keeping the body stable and truly challenging the core.

Strengthen the glutes

Getting a stronger butt is important for low back pain because the glutes are what help you walk and move daily. Their job is to help extend the hip forward and rotate the hip laterally. When you strengthen the glutes they help take stress off the low back and help them do their job better. The exercise we chose to strengthen the glutes were glute bridges, these help the pelvis stay in a neutral position and allow for the glutes to do their job.

Getting stronger can help reduce back pain because it reduces the stress put on the low back and strengthens the areas around it.

If you are dealing with low back pain contact us today to see how we can help you be successful like Dave!

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