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Fitness After 40 Doesn’t Suck, Here’s Why

Everyone thinks that the gym is a scary place where half naked 20-year old’s hangout. This is typically the case at most franchised or chain gyms.

Luckily Restored Strength isn’t a franchise, we’re a grass rooted business made for adults who want to improve the quality of their life.

Here’s the harsh truth about fitness, you don’t have to beat the shit out of your body to get it where you want it to be. Actually, less is more when it comes to your fitness goals. Getting back to the gym doesn’t have to be a horrible task that you dread doing, it should be something you look forward to.

Here are some reasons why getting fit after 40 doesn’t have to suck.

You Feel Better

When you’re feeling shitty, you probably aren’t going to be the nicest or kindest person. One of the best ways to offset that feeling is by taking care of yourself by nurturing your physical and mental health.

For some odd reason when you exert energy your body rewards you with dopamine. Who would’ve known that by exercising you would get a chemical reaction in your brain that would make you feel good? By exercising you are not only getting your body to feel better, but you’re also stimulating your brain in new ways creating pathways of positive reinforcement.

You Move More Freely

There is a lot of people I see that suffer from stiff and tight joints and muscles.

This limits you from doing what you enjoy and also makes life way harder because you have to work harder being that your body isn’t moving as optimally as it should. Having limited ranges of motion in your body leads to dysfunction and instability, aka pain and higher risk of injuries.

When you exercise, reaching for things in the pantry becomes easier because you have been working on exercises that not only strengthen your body, but also help you become more mobile.

You Get Stronger

No one regrets getting stronger. When we look at building strength we aren’t talking about doing a 500lb deadlift, we are talking about walking up and down stairs. Being able to help a friend move a couch or just having the strength to carry the groceries in.

When you get stronger life gets easier because your body is more prepared for life. Being strong is one of the best things you can do for your long-term health.

You Get More Independent

There is a sense of accomplishment and independence that is built when you see where you start and the progress you’ve made. Remember when you had to do push-ups on your knees? Well now you can do them onto a yoga block and you feel strong!

When you see what you are capable of doing you are able to regain physical independence. Being physically independent allows for you to do more without letting life get in your way.

You Can Do the Things You Love

Playing with your grandchildren, going out for a long hunting trip, having a better drive in your swing on the golf course, gardening, and so much more. These are things that our members have been able to do more of since they started taking care of their health.

When you think of fitness don’t get stuck in the social cycle of what society has made you believe what fitness is. The truth is that fitness no longer is serving superficial goals of what your body “should” look like.

The role of fitness is to help improve your body do the things you want to do.

What should you do with all this information?

Email us right now if you are ready to give fitness another try and are ready to improve the quality of your life today!

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