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How to Accomplish Your 2021 Goals with Success!!

January is here and we are all thinking about how we can make 2021 a year of better health! Setting goals can be difficult and so is keeping motivation. We’ve created a list that has helped our members become successful with their goals this year. Use these helpful tips to make the most out of your health goals!

Start Small

Think about this, when a baby is born we don’t expect to speak in full sentences and be able to walk right away. Yet when we are setting goals for ourselves we do the opposite, we expect to offset YEARS off habits and to immediately take on new ones. This is really hard on the body both physically and mentally. So, what should you do instead of sprinting downhill?

Start so small that you cannot fail. If you start with gradual changes and make them more challenging as time passes you will become a master of your new habit. For example, if you need to eat healthier, start with making one healthy meal a week and when that becomes easy add in another day. It’s not about how hard you go, but how long you can go. If you make small changes, the compound interest of daily habits will have a big payout.

Have an accountability partner

You will be surprised by how many people will share the same goal you might have. You don’t have to do your fitness goals by yourself. That gets to be lonely and also hard because on the days you don’t want to workout or eat healthy you’ll cave in to that feeling. When you have an accountability partner they are there for you.

This is why our members hire us, they hire us to help them stay accountable. We are able to take away all the hard things that they struggle with: when to workout, how long to workout, what to do for the workout, how to workout safely, making sure we are here waiting to help them.

Set SMART goals

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Time Specific. This is something we all know, but can be tricky to put into action. The reason SMART goals work so well is because you can track what you are doing and see where you’re going. Here is an example of making a smart goal.

My goal is to be active 3 days a week to be healthier and stronger by April.

Specific- I will workout three times a week for 45 minutes.

Measurable- I will track this by using a notebook to track my workouts.

Attainable- I will be able to make this an attainable goal by the end of April

Reasonable- This is reasonable because I have the time to commit to my goals.

Time Specific- I will be consistently active three days a week by the end of April.

You do not have to travel alone, let a professional be able to guide you through your fitness journey to help you start small, stay accountable, and set specific goals you can accomplish! If you want to learn more and be successful this year then contact today to get started!!!

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