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Rebell of the Month: Amanda Bemer

We are excited to share our most recent Rebell of the Month- Amanda Bemer!! Amanda has been training with Restored Strength almost 9 months! Since beginning her training, she has experienced increased strength and decreased pain while doing everyday activities. Read more about her journey below!

1. Can you tell me a about yourself and your background of training?

Once upon a time there was a girl, who turned into a woman (because she kept being alive and that’s what happens), who built a career as an English professor. Every day, she would go to work and type endlessly on her computer. One day she realized this hurt. A lot. Because of that, she started to wonder if there was a better way (and the better way wasn’t just becoming left-handed because she tried that and it didn’t work). Because of that, she joined Restored Strength to hopefully build up stronger back and shoulder muscles so typing wouldn’t hurt (because she couldn’t just quit typing, it was part of her reason for being). Until finally, the typing didn’t hurt nearly as much! She could type for longer and longer periods of time without pain! Thanks, Restored Strength. :)

My name is Amanda, and I really haven’t done much consistent movement-based activity for many years. 20ish years maybe? I don’t have a training background at all. I am an English professor, mom of one, wife, human being. I enjoy very short walks on the beach, the indoors, and dogs. I am somewhat better than the average person at turning a jump rope for double dutch due to the circumstances of my marriage.

2. What where your thoughts about strength training before and after training at Restored Strength?

I didn’t actually think much about strength training before Restored Strength. Strength training was mysterious–I’ve seen people lifting heavy things at the gym, sure, but why? Now I know why (or at least why I do it)--to make everyday activities easier. 3. What was a challenging barrier you overcame while training at Restored Strength?

I lack hand-eye coordination. Or maybe it’s attention to detail? Or a true belief in cause-and-effect? Either way, I’ve had to become very careful about not hitting myself with the various implements of training–jam balls, medicine balls, kettlebells…

4. What has been your greatest achievement while training at Restored Strength?

I can deadlift a 50 lb sandbag. More than once. Also, I know what all the words in that sentence mean.

5. What was your most significant change you and your family/friends have noticed?

I no longer hurt myself carrying groceries into the house. I can do my normal activities, like typing and grading papers, with less shoulder pain.

6. Why did you choose us as your gym?

I knew some of the people associated with RS, which made it easier to overcome my anxiety and just do it. I also knew I needed a place where someone would tell me what to do and how to do it without making me feel like an idiot. 7. What do you like most about training at Restored Strength?

I like the atmosphere/community. Nowhere else can I start a conversation with “do you believe in ghosts?” or “if aliens came to our planet, which species would they think was in charge?” and have people actually respond positively to me. And apparently I NEED to talk while lifting heavy things. It helps me. Also, no one makes disparaging comments towards my abilities. No one cares that my kettlebell is not as heavy as theirs is. Restored Strength is not a competition.

8. What were 3 benefits that you noticed while training at Restored Strength? Has this improved your life?

Anything that involves lifting something has become easier. I know how to carry stuff in a way that isn’t going to mess up my shoulders. And endorphins! I am always in a better mood after RS. The mood-lifting benefit is so great that I’m going to count it twice–it’s like two benefits. 9. What separated us from other trainers you have worked with or other fitness plans you have tried?

I had never worked with a trainer before. When I would see them at other places they were always making a poor person do things that seemed horrible and painful. At RS I know that the trainers DO the things they’re asking us to do, and know why they’re doing it. It’s not just fads. TikTok does not count as scientific research. Just because someone made up an exercise and it became trendy doesn’t mean it’s a good exercise that people should be doing. 10. Is there anything you would like to add?

I hope to live happily ever after with stronger bone density and better hip hinging and squatting technique so I can enjoy many, many more years of sitting quietly indoors with a book.

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