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Rebell of The Month: Angie Hughes

Let’s all give Angie a big hooray for being our Rebell of The Month for July!!! Angie has improved her strength significantly since starting here and it’s been awesome getting to see her succeed with her goals. She’s learning how to master her techniques and build new skills with her strength. Here’s her story!

Tell us about yourself

I am married with 2 children, Jackson and Jacob. I have an English Bulldog, Stella, and a cat, Ziva. I love baseball and watching my kids play the game they love.

Angie & her family

I was in athletics in high school and then took up running after I had children. I ran 5K’s for a few years. I also participated in spin classes and body pump at the YMCA for many years. We did a lot of walking and biking outside as a family. But over the last few years I have slowed down a little and needed to get back into moving again. I wasn’t sure where to begin but then I found Restored Strength.

Thoughts about strength training before/after becoming a Rebell

Before I started at Restored Strength I thought weight lifting had to be heavy and intense to see any results. Since I started here I have realized that you don’t have to lift as hard and as fast as you can to gain strength. It’s not necessarily about the weight but about your form and making sure you are moving correctly.


Achievements you accomplished

Never in a million years did I think I could do a push-up on my toes. From day one they had me doing them on my toes! I would not have seen myself doing exercises with a kettlebell either and now I love using kettlebells! There are so many variations of exercises you can do with one kettlebell.

Changes you’ve noticed

I have noticed that everyday tasks are so much easier. I move better and feel better and overall have so much more energy. I am glad I chose Restored Strength. I wanted a gym where the average person could go and feel at home.


What’s your favorite thing about RS

I like the small group training and the fact that they can tailor the workout to your level of fitness. You can’t get that kind of attention in large group classes. Everyone here is so welcoming. The coaches really care about you and it is just a fun place to be!

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