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Rebell of The Month: Ann Pavek

Ann is our Rebell of The Month for May!! Ann is one hard working member that is dedicated to her goals & wellness. She always has great questions and is wanting to learn more about how things work. Ann brings a lot of energy to the room and we are excited to share with you her story!

Tell us about yourself

I grew up on a farm, with 5 sisters and a younger brother so the girls got to help out on the farm a lot. I played sports but am not competitive so quit when I got into Sr high. I enjoy exercising and staying active and have tried many different classes and videos. I want to stay active so I can stay young with my Grand children

Ann and her granddaughter

Thoughts about strength training before/after becoming a Rebell

Before coming to Restored Strength, I thought you had to get all sweaty and do lots and lots of reps fast. AND be sore for 2 days afterwards. After training for a couple months, I know to just put my trust in the coaches and they will take care of me.

Obstacles you overcame

My biggest challenging barrier I had to overcome was to slow down, do only a few reps and listen to the coach. They know what is best for me and I trust them to help me reach my goals.

Achievements you accomplished at Restored Strength

My greatest achievement while training at Restored Strength is being able to listen to my body. I can tell if I don’t have enough sleep or if I’m not eating enough or getting the right foods I need to keep my strength up. I drink way more water now than what I used to. As we exercise, different topics are brought up and I learn why I’m doing what I’m doing.

What changes have others noticed?

I feel I’m a better person, can manage my stress better. I have more energy and I’m able to play with my grandchildren and do day to day activities a lot easier. I have way more strength and I don’t have a lot of aches and pains anymore.

Ann working on core strength

What do you tell your friends about RS?

I didn’t want to go to a big gym. I wanted someone to tell me what to do and show me how to do it. I really liked the idea of classes. When I realized how knowledgeable the coaches were and how much they cared about your overall health (sleep, meal planning, how you felt every time I came in the door) it’s like a family. They know me as a real person and not a number and they get so excited when we meet a goal.

What’s your favorite thing about RS?

How I can ask questions and they can tell me the answer. “Why am I doing this?” and I learn more about how my body works and why we are doing things the way we do it. I like that every 4 weeks we do a different routine/work on new muscles/body area. I like that they hold you accountable, and care if you miss a class. I like that they will tell you when you are not doing the exercise right and show you/tell you how to do it right. AND keep reminding you to keep good form.

Ann doing single arm dumbbell rows

Results you’ve gotten from our gym?

Benefits while training at Restored Strength is like having a personal trainer every time I exercise. Personal attention and someone telling me if I’m doing it wrong and showing me the right way to do it. Meal planning ideas is another benefit. If we are working a certain routine, we are encouraged to eat more protein AND they really encourage drinking water. They encourage/challenge their clients every time we are in a class. The support we get is amazing. AND it’s a FUN atmosphere!!

Why is RS different?

Restored Strength really works to get to know each person. What our goals are, what we want to work on, and pushes us to be healthy. They really are there to help us improve our health, strength and still have fun.

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