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Rebell of The Month: Bridget Albright

Help us celebrate spooky season by congratulating Bridget for being our Rebell of The Month for October!! Since day one Bridget has been showing up and putting in the work towards her health & wellness goals. Bridget has significantly increased her strength and mobility since starting, and it’s been very impressive to see her make big changes. We’re excited to share with you her success and experience with her journey!!

Tell us about yourself

I’m originally from the east coast. My husband, oldest son, and our three rescue

cats relocated to Marshall in July of 2016. Since then, we welcomed our youngest son who is now 2.5 years old. In addition to our three cats, we have five freshwater tropical fish tanks. When it comes to exercise, I was a young athlete and played soccer in high school and rugby in college. I always played sports, so I didn’t have to rely on a workout routine since it was built in.


When I graduated, it was difficult to develop an exercise routine, and I struggled. I didn’t know how to just work out. I would force myself to run, but it really wasn’t doing it. I’m currently in graduate school, working part time, and doing a 20 hr/wk internship, and I knew I needed to take care of myself if I wanted to succeed. I sought out Restored Strength in May of 2021, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thoughts about strength training before/after becoming a Rebell

I did not know much about strength training. I assumed it was weightlifting for bodybuilding, which was not something I was interested in.

Obstacles you overcame

The biggest barrier for me was getting out of my own head and not judging myself. I took a mindfulness approach and focused on one workout at a time, and here I am 5 months later!

Achievements you accomplished at Restored Strength

I would say aside from going from 4 push-ups each round to 8 push-ups each round, it’s the fact that I’ve stuck with it this long. I have NEVER stuck with something this long!

What changes have others noticed?

My friends and family have noticed that my self-worth and confidence have increased, and that carries over into other all aspects of life.

My family Luke, Murray, Michael

What do you tell your friends about RS?

I wanted a non-judgmental space that was not like a typical gym. I wanted a gym that would understand me as a person and work with me, not push me until I hurt myself and didn’t come back.

What’s your favorite thing about RS?

There are so many things, from the atmosphere to med ball slams, but probably what I like the most is that it’s tailored support. The coaches make sure we are doing things right so that we don’t hurt ourselves. They offer suggestions for movements and then offer so much praise when we knock it out of the park.

Murphy Sloan Albright (inflatable chair) Pippa Penelope Albright (ottoman)

Results you’ve gotten from our workouts?

I have more confidence, which carries over into all aspects of my life professionally and personally.

I am stronger – it has improved my life because I can now rearrange furniture by myself.

I have a much better understanding of physical activity and the role it plays in mental health, which is vital to my profession.

Why is RS different?

Other trainers I have worked with did not care about the big picture or about who I was as a person. They didn’t understand that so much of training is in your head and if you can’t get out of it, then you’re stuck.

Diva - Catherine Chancellor Albright

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