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Rebell of the month:Cathy Louwagie

Shout out to Cathy for being February’s Rebell of the month!! Cathy has been kicking ass and taking names this past year with committing to her goals. Cathy is always showing up and ready to go, it’s a lot of fun working with someone who is making great changes.

Here is her story!

Cathy doing rows

Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in the Marshall area. Grew up on a farm with my Parents and 2

brothers/2 sisters (I was the poor neglected middle child)—then married a farmer and

raised 3 wonderful children, who now have kids of their own. Today I have 5 wonderful

grandkids – that this grandma needs to keep up with.

My training background did really start until later in life, when my 3 kids were starting to

leave the house and were off to college. I did dabble a bit in different YMCA classes,

and grew up in the era when Richard Simmons was hot—so started with step aerobics

and just moving/grooving to the music.

Thoughts about strength training before/after SMART Fit

Before doing SMART Fit:

I had a desire or passion to learn strength training but was concern with not knowing

how to do it right and would hurt myself. Also, back then was a little intimidate to even

venture in a weight room to use the equipment because of the muscle men/women to

share the equipment with someone so much out of their league.

My daughter was the one to introduce me to Restore Strength—which was the best

decision that I ever made. Remembering that first one on one training session and how

good it felt afterwards. It was not easy but at a pace that I could handle, along with

feeling like I have a personal trainer but, in a group, setting. From where I started to

now, my mobility as drastically improved; I’m able to keep up with those grandkids and my

strength/stamina have increased due to the support that each member of Restore

Strength receives from William, Sarah and Jen (all great trainers and the best support group

in town).

Restore Strength has also encouraged me to get outside my comfort zone and

challenging you to continue to get better for the right reasons. They have a way to

know if you are not challenged with the weight you are at or the movement you are

doing to modify it in a way that will feel great, but also continue to improve your

strength. Every time in class, when I see William heading my way with a heavier weight, I

put a smile on my face and laugh a little. He’s intention is not to see me struggle but to

continue to challenge myself and that he has confidence in me that I can move up to

continue to improve my strength.

My family with Kids and grandkids.

Obstacles you overcame

Oh, this is a great question in which I feel I am not alone, that others also have these

same barriers or mindsets when working out or strength training:

· Feeling so sore the next day you can’t even get out of bed

· Not being able to do even 1 push-up or pull-up

· Kettlebells –took a class once, which was quite scary because afterwards I was so

sore right after class I could barely walk and had bruises up/down my arm. But I

survived and vowed never to go back, or I won’t come out alive. Restore

Strength teaches it in a way that you want to continue to challenge yourself and

learn more moves. Along with making you feel great afterwards but having a

sense of accomplishment and rewarding feeling afterwards.

· The feeling you must catch up to the class, with individuals that have been going

for a longer time then you. Restore strength starts you out at a level that is right

for you!!

· What if I injure myself do, I must fully recover in order to attend a class? No,

Restore Strength will modify the exercise to get your back to working out like

nothing happened.

Cathy doing lateral lunges

Achievements accomplished from doing SMART Fit

From where I started to where I am today. My strength, mobility, balance and overall

health has improved. Doing daily task around the house and strenuous chores –seem

to be easier. Playing with the grandkids and being able to pop up off the floor to beat

them to the kitchen, which I haven’t been able to win for some reason or another.

Increased balance that has helped me enjoy hiking, cross country skiing and just being

able to catch yourself when slipping on ice or tripping while trying to walk across a


Changes others have noticed

My increased strength, better way to handle the day to day stress that we all encounter

at work and at home. More energy to get out and explore new things.

Latest family adventure –sliding down the Ice slide in Stillwater with the Grandkids

What do you tell your friends about RS

Absolute best place to start your strength training journey and improve your quality of

life. Restored Strength allows you to overcome those physical challenges that we have

as we grow older, making you feel better about yourself. Also, the great feeling you

have that you belong and would do anything for you to continue to improve yourself.

Favorite thing about us

It’s fun, not something you can say about working out allot until you experience a

working out at Restore Strength. Along with challenging yourself without being

overwhelmed and love the Geek out moments, it’s amazing all the new things you learn.

Results SMART Fit has gotten you

Mobility; working out can be fun, which just makes your whole day better and all the

different discussion topics/podcasts etc. that make me reflect on where I want to go in

setting new goals/challenging myself with new opportunities.

Has this improved your life? Absolutely—it’s helped me work out the growing pains and

little kinks/quirks as our bodies getting older. Along with improving my outlook and

attitude on life, especially in today’s challenging environment.

A wise Nurse Practitioner said don’t ever quite working out, it will certainly make a great impact on your wellbeing, also keep you feeling young and energetic to continue to enjoy those special

things in life.

Cathy working shoulder mobility

Why is RS Different

Knowing you care and concern that the execution of the exercise movement totally

makes a difference. Other trainers I have had the pleasure of working with just allow

you to complete the reps and moves in anyway or fashion, which is not always the best

and to the greatest benefit to improve your health/wellbeing.

Making exercise not seem like a dreaded task, having fun while you are working out at a

pace that is right for you. Other programs my mind set was to get through the exercise

as quick and pain free as possible to move on with your day.

I encourage others to give Restore Strength a try or see what it is all about. It certainly has made a difference in my life!!!!!

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