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Rebell of the Month: Deb Amesbury

Shout out to Deb A. for being March’s Rebell of the month!! Deb has been showing up and kicking ass. She is committed to her goals and brings dedication and strength to her training sessions! It has been a lot of fun working with someone who is making great changes. Keep reading to learn a little more about badass Rebell Deb!

1. Can you tell me a about yourself and your background of training? I grew up in Algona, IA. In high school I participated in track, softball, marching band and was a member of the drill team. After graduating, I went to floral design school. After which I began working as a florist for 31 years. In my spare time, I enjoyed playing city rec softball, volleyball and fishing any chance I could. I have been married for 36 years. We have one son, a beautiful daughter in law, and one very busy 2 year old grandson.

2. What where your thoughts about strength training before and after training at Restored Strength? I have always been a very active person. Participating in various sports, and taking long walks with my loyal companion of 15 years Zoey.❣️ Going to the gym really wasn't something I thought about. After working with William and recently Ashley at Restored Strength, they actually make me want to work out. Their charm and vibrant personalities make you want to keep going!

3. What was a challenging barrier you overcame while training at Restored Strength? When I first started at Restored Strength, I had just had knee replacement and was using a cane. With William's guidance I was able to ditch the cane!

4. What has been your greatest achievement while training at Restored Strength? It's really the simple things... being able to walk without pain, being able to get up and down from the ground, being able to navigate stairs. I still struggle, I will get there. Just having the confidence to do these things! 5. What was your most significant change you and your family/friends have noticed? I'm more fun to be around, and not as crabby.

6. Why did you choose us as your gym?

I literally googled you!! Best google search ever!! 7. What do you like most about training at Restored Strength? Restored Strength is a place where you are able to just be yourself. No matter what level of fitness you are at.

8. What were 3 benefits that you noticed while training at Restored Strength? Has this improved your life? 1. Less pain while moving 2. More flexibility in my joints 3. The confidence in myself I have gained

9. What separated us from other trainers you have worked with or other fitness plans you have tried? For me personally, I haven't worked with a personal trainer before. My hope is that more people reach out to Restored Strength and try for themselves to see what they can do for them! William has helped me both physically and mentally. He is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

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