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Rebell of the Month: Jorun Ahmann

Congratulations to Jorun for being our December Rebell of The Month!!! Jorun joined the Restored Strength family this year and hit the ground running. Since then she has improved her strength significantly! By dedicating herself to her goals, Jorun has been able to advance her technique and continues to build her skills! Here is more about Jorun!

Can you tell me about yourself and your background of training?

I have always felt the need to lose weight, all my life. I have never been into exercising much. Maybe just long walks for exercise. At times when trying to lose weight I have joined some exercise classes, only to hurt my knees or muscles and give up.

Twinning with Coach Jen!

What were your thoughts about strength training before and after training at Restored Strength?

I guess I thought of strength training as weight lifting or bodybuilding. Boy, was I wrong!!

What was a challenging barrier you overcame while training at Restored Strength?

My lack of strength. When I first started I didn’t think I’d ever be able to keep up like

the others in the group. But, with consistency and advice from the coaches, I feel like I’ve come a long way!

What has been your greatest achievement while training at Restored Strength?

Staying consistent and not getting bored or quitting. It’s been easy to stick with it I actually look forward to going!

What was your most significant change you and your family/friends have noticed?

More energy, more flexibility.

Why did you choose us as your gym?

The personal attention. Also, the understanding that we aren’t all at the same level and the encouragement given by the coaches.

What do you like most about training at Restored Strength?

I really like the social time, while exercising. It makes the time fly and makes exercising much more bearable. I look forward to seeing some of the same faces, and also seeing and visiting with new ones.

What were 3 benefits that you noticed while training at Restored Strength? Has this improved your life?

I have more energy. I have been able to tighten my belt a notch or two!

I have better range of motion.

What separated us from other trainers you have worked with or other fitness plans you have tried?

The coaches meet you at your level here and don’t expect you to be at a level outside of your capability.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I am so happy I finally checked into Restored Strength and what it has to offer!

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