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Rebell of The Month: Lynn Van Patten

Let’s start the New Year off with some AWESOME news, Lynn is our Rebell of The Month for January 2021!!! Lynn has been doing some real cool things since she started with us. She’s learned how to do kettlebell swings safely, got stronger, and has regained her mobility.

Here is her story!

Tell us about yourself

I’ve never been an athlete or very physical. I grew up with 4 older brothers, and I was ALWAYS the one getting hurt. I’ve done some group exercise strength classes before and on my own at home, but I have always gotten hurt. Either because I didn’t know what I was doing, or because I tried to do more than my body was ready for. Usually, I would hurt my shoulder or get a lot of pain in my joints and end up quitting.

Me after a workout, with our “grand dog” Benny. He’s my buddy!

Thoughts about strength training before/after RS

I had a love/hate relationship with strength training. I wanted to do it. I knew I needed to do it, but I had a lot of fear and hesitancy because I don’t want to get injured. I eventually stopped doing any strength training, thinking that I just didn’t have the right body for that. But, I realized I was losing a lot of strength, which was a concern for me. I want to be strong enough to pick up and play with my grandkids. I want to travel to see them and not be wiped out when I get there. I want to hike and climb with my kids and not have them worry that I’m not going to make it.

Obstacles you overcame

Just getting started, the fear of getting hurt. I thought about it a long time, and then when I was finally ready to give it a try, COVID happened, and the gyms were closed. But, I was able to work with Restored Strength remotely and I got the support and education I needed to work out effectively and safely at home. If I couldn’t do an exercise, William would get back to me right away with an option that did work for me.

Lynn doing TRX Rows

Achievements accomplished

I never thought I would EVER be able to do a kettlebell swing. I knew kettlebells were a big thing at Restored Strength, and I was afraid of them. In the past, every time I picked one up, I hurt my shoulder, my elbow, my wrist, or all three! When I went in the first time to get an assessment and pick up equipment for the remote workouts, William gave me a 12KG kettlebell. I thought he was joking! He did compromise and send me home with a 10KG. I could barely carry it out to my car! I was sure this would be disastrous. Now, I’m using kettlebells that are anywhere from 14KG to 20KG and they don’t feel as heavy as that fist 10KG kettlebell did! Surprise! Kettlebell swings are now one of my favorite things!

Changes others have noticed

Just how much stronger I am. My husband and I rotate our mattress every 6 months. I always dread it because it’s hard. The mattress is big, heavy and difficult to maneuver. It’s not a great bonding activity! When we did in December, I remarked to my husband how easy it was this time. He said, “That’s because you are a lot stronger.” He’s right. I was able to hold up my end and move it, which made it easier for him, too. Plus, I wasn’t wiped out or sore afterward. Also, since my back is much stronger, it doesn’t fatigue so easily, I used to get a back ache just from spending a couple of hours in the kitchen. Every time I went for a walk, I would have to stretch my back as soon as I got home. Now, I rarely notice that, and I can feel my core muscles working to support me as I move around and do different activities.

My husband Mike. Picking me up from the airport after my trip to meet my grandson. This guy keeps me active!

What do you tell friends about RS

You should give Restored Strength a try. I can’t believe how much strength I have gained over these few months – without getting hurt. Even during the shutdown, I was able to keep up with my workouts and actually gain strength working remotely with the coaches. If I can do that at 58, during a pandemic, you can do it, too. Trust is a big factor when you have a fear of injury. I felt like I could trust the coaches right away. I knew they had my back and would not ask me to do something that I can’t actually do. I feel challenged, supported and encouraged at every workout.

Favorite thing about us

At Restored Strength, it’s not an intimidating weight room where I feel like I don’t belong. The workouts are challenging, but fun. I get to do some familiar things in different ways, which I enjoy – grow brain! The coaches and the members are really friendly and I feel like I fit in. Everyone is always happy! Plus, I get a safe, effective workout that I feel great about in less than an hour!

My grandson Finnegan, and the first image of his baby sister, Ophelia, due in May. I need to be able to keep up with these two!

Benefits from training with us

· I am stronger which makes it easier for me to do every day stuff and if there is a big job to do, I know I can do it with less frustration and less fear of getting hurt.

· I am more active because I feel more motivated to do more, to try more and to do something every day.

· I feel better. My back doesn’t get fatigued so easily so I have more energy even after working at my desk all day.

· I sleep better, too.

Why is RS Different

I never feel like I have to do an exercise just like someone else does it. It’s the same way I approach my own yoga, and in working with my students – what you feel in your body with each exercise is what is important, not how it looks. All bodies are different structurally, and they move differently, and learning what muscles should be working in each exercise, and how to access them has made all of the difference for me to be able to regain and build strength and avoid injury. The coaches at Restored Strength are able to watch how I do each exercise and make any tweaks needed so I feel the difference and can then do the exercise safely and effectively. It feels very individualized and customized.

Future Goals

I’m really looking forward to hiking in Oregon with my son again, and at some point, hiking Diamond Head again with my daughter on Oahu. This time, there won’t be any question on my ability to get to the top!

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