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Rebell of the Month: Sarah Mok

Sarah has earned the title of Rebell of The Month for February!! Sarah is one of our hard working Rebells who shows up, trains hard, and is fun to have around... a certified badass! Her form and flexibility aren't the only improvements Sarah has experienced. Read more about her and her training journey with Restored Strength!

1. Can you tell me a about yourself and your background of training?

I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. I went to the University of Nebraska Omaha for college. I worked 14 years as a Recreational Therapist. I did a lot of my work in geriatrics. I met my husband, Tim, in Omaha. We got married one week before Tim’s graduation from residency. We had a small ceremony and dinner at a French restaurant in Omaha. Then we moved straight to Marshall. I am an only child. My mom still lives in Omaha and my dad passed away a few months before our wedding.

I am currently a stay at home mom. I have two daughters. Emmaline is four and Elsie is two. I love traveling and trying new hobbies. Especially if it is art or craft related. My husband and I enjoy going to wineries. We hope to travel more as our kids get older.

I played intramural sports in grade school, high school and college. I threw shot put for two years in high school. I liked sports for fun but I enjoyed art more.

2. What where your thoughts about strength training before and after training at Restored Strength?

I’ve always enjoyed strength training. After high school, I missed lifting with a team. I dreaded the atmosphere of gyms. As well as any of the aerobic machines. I eventually stopped going all together. I like training at Restored Strength because it is social and fun. I look forward to going instead of dreading the traditional gym.

3. What was a challenging barrier you overcame while training at Restored Strength?

It is easier to stay consistent because I like going.

4. What has been your greatest achievement while training at Restored Strength?

I have reduced my arthritis pain.

5. What was your most significant change you and your family/friends have noticed?

I feel I am better at parenting. I have more patience and fun. I’m not sure my kids have noticed.

6. Why did you choose us as your gym?

I had been interested in joining for a while. Mainly because of posts I read on Facebook. By posts, I basically mean Emily and Bridget. Bridget finally talked me into trying it out.

7. What do you like most about training at Restored Strength?

I like the social atmosphere. I enjoy hearing everyone’s jokes and stories. It has been a treat to get to know everyone after being isolated in a pandemic.

8. What were 3 benefits that you noticed while training at Restored Strength? Has this improved your life?

1. I have more flexibility. I didn't realize how tight my muscles were getting until I started moving more again. So that motivated me to do more stretching, rolling and attend yoga.

2. I think I have better form from when I started.

3. I am happier.

9. What separated us from other trainers you have worked with or other fitness plans you have tried?

In the past I had some trainers that fixated on fat loss, rather than just getting strong or having fun. That isn't the focus at Restorative Strength. I also like that I can just go and not have to plan my hour at the gym myself. At traditional gyms I worried I might not be doing everything correctly. I didn't feel like I progressed very much. At Restorative Strength, I'm receiving feedback and guidance on the best way to perform an exercise. Learning the specific exercise is not intimidating. At traditional gyms I felt out of place in the weight area. Everyone seemed intense and serious.

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