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Sharpen Your Axe on Sunday’s

It’s 6:15 am, your phones alarm is going on its third alarm that you set. You are up in a frantic and rush through your morning to get to work.

You then realized you didn’t have a lunch packed, so you have to go out to get lunch at a fast food place. You feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do for the week and won’t know when you’ll get it all done. On top of that you haven’t even added in the time you’ll need for working out.

Everyone typically dreads Monday, they are not ready for the weekend to end and have not prepared for the working week ahead, let’s change that by sharpening your axe.

If you were to live in the woods and needed lumber to keep you warm, naturally you’ll go out to cut a tree in order to provide your heat for the week. Cutting down the tree is a big task to do, it is sometimes hard work and very taxing. We don’t look at the task at hand because we are too busy focusing on what the lumber will provide for us, warmth and a place to cook our food.

Now, you wouldn’t go try and cut a tree down with a dull axe, that would make the task of getting our needs met EXTREMELY hard. Before going out to cut down the tree you would naturally go to sharpen your axe, this way the task is not as difficult. The sharpness of the blade makes every blow easier and easier.

On Sunday’s I sharpen my axe, this means I take the time to prepare my week. Here is how I sharpen my axe:

- Get my first workout in for the week

- Prepare my meals for the week

- Write down the important things that need to be done

- Schedule my appointments and work

- I make my goals for the week

Sharpening your axe own axe may look different for you, but the idea is the same. You set the time to prepare yourself for the week to come to make it easier. This will help you prepare for success and make your life easier.

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