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Start Eating Slower

Fat loss is something that everyone struggles with and believe that the only way to accomplish this goal is by doing grueling workouts and starving ourselves with the latest fad diet.

This does work temporarily, but is not effective for the long run because we often can’t sustain that moment for the rest of our lives.

This is why we choose to look at practicing habits rather than nutritional plans that are too complicated and restrictive.

When we look at changing our habits we are able to sustain them for longer because its our habits that we do daily that are the most difficult things to change, but if we can slowly introduce small habits that work and practice them consistently then we can see a bigger return on investment of our time and energy!

One habit to practice is eating slower, by eating slower you send signals to your brain that helps prepare the stomach to get ready to digest your food and it also helps you feel fuller.

When you eat too fast you can override those signals in the brain that tells your stomach that you’re feeling full, hence why you can eat a lot then get a stomachache later.

By practicing to eat slower you’re going to establish a new habit that you can sustain for a lifetime, prevent over eating, and actually feel full which helps your body digest and absorb nutrients appropriately.

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