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The Goblet Squat is one of the best exercises to learn when you are new to exercising. Often times when we think of squatting, we automatically jump right into barbell back squat. Though this is a great exercise to use, sometimes it may not be the best choice for us. 

Why the barbell isn’t the best choice for squatting when you’re new to the gym.

1. We do not have the necessary mobility for this exercise yet.

The barbell back squat is a very advanced exercise that requires a lot of mobility and technique to do.

2. It requires a lot of technique.

The barbell back squat is an advance exercise that requires a great amount of skill to perform.

3. We are recovering from an injury. If we are coming back to the gym after recovering from an injury of some sort, sometimes the barbell may not be the most accommodating tool to use right away being that it places you in a fixed position.

So, what should we do instead? 

Let’s Goblet Squat!!  

Goblet squatting is one of the best forms of squatting that anyone can do. The reason that this exercise is pure gold is because it is a great exercise for learning proper squatting technique and it doesn’t require a great amount of mobility.

To learn how to goblet squat, follow these 4 cues.

1. Tall & tight.

We want to begin in a tall and tight position. This allows for us to maintain proper position throughout the movement. Pinch your shoulders back and keep everything tight.

2. Reach your hips back.

Rather than just dropping down into the bottom of the squat, begin by reaching your hips back to create more room for the hips. 

3. Spread the floor with the knees.

Pull yourself down, as if you are going to sit between your feet. You want to actively spread the floor with the knees. What this means is, widen your knees as you go down. This gets your inner thigh and hips muscles to be more engaged. 

4. Drive through your feet.

When you reach the bottom of your squat you want to make sure that you drive your feet into the ground as you stand tall and lock out. 

Next time you are on your way to the gym, make sure to give this exercise a try!

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