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come on, give us a try :)

Our workouts use our S.M.A.R.T. Fitness Method to build strength, mobility, balance, & joint health. We'll never break you down; we're about building people up! Check out our variety of services and membership options to fit your needs, schedule, & budget!


Not sure where to start? Dip a toe in with a 15-minute a curiosity call! We'll chat about your fitness goals and see if we'd be a good fit! Curiosity calls are 100% with no obligation. :)  



Come chat with no obligations! We want to get to know you & your goals so we can help! We want to get to know you so we can recommend the best fit for you -- even if it's not us :)

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<$15 - $22 per class

Set yourself up for success! Choose from 2, 3, or unlimited small group personal training sessions per week, plus habits & goals guidance for a year. Pay monthly, cancel anytime without penalty.


$23 - 29 per class

Not ready for all that commitment? We get it. Give yourself four months of 2 or 3 small group personal training sessions per week (paid monthly), plus goals support and a community of total sweethearts.

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$16-20 per class

We have yoga with Lynn Van Patten on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings! Drop in for $20 or purchase a class pass ahead of time for a discount.


get help for your injuries!

Need to recover from injury or surgery? Having trouble getting on or off of the floor? Worried you're going to reinjure yourself even after PT? We can help.

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level up your performance!

K-12  athletes will get stronger, faster, & more powerful while learning the safest, most efficient training methods from an expert athlete coach!

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