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seasons of lifting for adults

At Restored Strength, we use a specific, unique approach to programming called  Seasons of Lifting for Adults that runs concurrent with our SMART Fitness Method.


The Seasons of Lifting are broken down into three blocks. Each block is four months long. During the block we go through four different four-week phases. 


During each phase we will go through the following during each week: 

  • Prep Week

  • Train Week

  • Peak Week

  • Reach Week

Spring (Jan-Apr)

With our spring block of training the programming is geared more towards fat-loss and/or endurance-specific training. Meaning we are using lighter weights and higher repetitions in the exercises. Our goal is to help you get leaned out after the holidays and get your body ready for summer! 

Summer (May-Aug)

With our summer block of training we focus on getting leaner and making your muscle denser. This is referred to as hypertrophy training, where we increase the size of the muscle cells. This training will compliment your summer goals by helping you look great for the lake! 

Fall (Sep-Dec)

With our fall block of training we are now transitioning into our strength phase of training. This accommodates for the busy holidays coming up, where you will be eating more and not being able to be active outdoors as much as we used to. Our goal is to increase our overall strength and lift heavier weights with lower reps. 

Regardless of the time of the year, we will always accommodate our training to your specific goals and needs. That is the best part of our training, is we can always adapt and modify our programming. 

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