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You were born to be fit


meet yourself where you're at

As a baby, you couldn't even hold your own head up. Then, within about a year, you could pull your entire body upright and WALK. 


You didn't do hours of cardio; you didn't do leg day or chest day; you didn’t beat yourself up for eating the “wrong” thing. You just moved—and kept moving—your body. You fell and got up again. You rested. It took slow, consistent effort, but that was okay; you were having a great time. And so many people were rooting for you!


Yet toxic fitness culture wants us to go for quick, extreme methods that might get us short-term results—emphasis on *might*—but leave most of us back where we started within a month or two. And then we attribute our setback to lack of discipline or our own aging bodies. It’s inevitable, we say. We’re lazy. We’re getting old.




The principles of living in a human body are the same as when you were first learning to walk: get a goal, work toward it consistently, and accept help. Don’t make yourself suffer—who TF wants to do stuff that sucks?—but do challenge yourself.


We know you can do this, and we’ve developed a supportive, science-grounded system called  SMART Community Fitness  to help you do it in fun, sustainable ways.​


The best exercises in the best order with the best frequency to maximize your time here. Strengthen your whole body while building mobility and cardiovascular capacity. Our training sessions will make you feel energized and great about all the cool stuff you can do! 


When you walk through our doors, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who want you to succeed! From our coaches who are excited to guide you to our Rebells who are here to say hi, commiserate, joke around, and high-five you, you’ll feel welcomed, supported & celebrated. 


For us, exercise isn’t about looks. It’s about being able to move your body with strength, grace, & energy, no matter your size, age, or injuries. It’s about being able to roll on the floor with your kids or grandkids, run up & down the stairs without worrying about hurting your knee, wake up feeling your best. 

You’ve got all the tools. Let us show you how to use them!

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