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the s.m.a.r.t. fitness method

People often ask what we do at our gym. Are we a Powerlifting gym? Do we do CrossFit? Are we doing therapeutic exercises? Is it bodybuilding? HIIT? Circuit Training? Are we running boot camps?


The answer to all those questions is YES--sort of. At Restored Strength, we've combined years of education in classrooms, online certifications, live workshops, books, and study with renowned experts into a hybrid of the most efficient, effective fitness practices available today.


Our specialty is combining functional workouts with a blend of all the exercise methods mentioned above. We take non-traditional equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands, and sandbags and use them right along with timeless equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight. 

Coach William has spent years learning from everyone from kettlebell experts like Andrea DuCane & Coach Fury to movement specialists like Max Shank & Tim Anderson to elite programming professionals like the team at Strength Faction. He took everything that they taught him and created S.M.A.R.T. Fitness:


No one regrets being strong! The foundation of everything we do is strength. Think of the relationship between strength & overall health as a glass filled with water: strength is the glass into which we pour the water of mobility, endurance, agility, stability--overall *capability.*


Mobility is just as important as strength. As we age, our bodies may stop moving as well as they once did due to wear and/or injury. Creating greater mobility with corrective exercises will help your joints feel stronger & more mobile so you can move & bend the way you want to.


We meet you where you're at, adapting our training methods to your level of activity & experience. As your body begins to adapt, we will always deliver ways to progress you, making the staple exercises more challenging based on your individual goals and needs. 


We use a variety of implements, ranging from barbells to dumbbells, kettlebells to sandbags, resistance bands to body weight. The tools we use to gain results will always vary. They each serve their own specific purpose and element of fun.


We don’t call our sessions “workouts” at our facility because "working out" often means exercising just to get sweaty or burn calories with no set goal. We use the word training because we're practicing specific skills for clearly defined purposes.

Because each session works your entire body, there's no need to take a day off between sessions.

At the same time, our training sessions are so efficient that many of our members find they get more results in less time! That's SMART fitness! 


 Want to learn more?  

We supplement  the SMART Fitness Method with our  Seasons of Lifting for Adults , which is a detailed periodization program that allows us to adapt our training to the seasonal needs of the body--as well as the ways our lifestyles change throughout the seasons of the year--into account in order to truly maximize our training results.

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