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3 Sandbag Exercises to Help You with Low Back Pain

Low back pain is commonly seen everywhere and there are many reasons why it could be happening.

One reason maybe that the front muscles of the hips known as the psoas can be chronically stressed from long periods of sitting or standing. The psoas is located on the front of the spine, specifically in front of the low back. The psoas muscle is anchored to the low back and attaches to the thigh bone to which if they’re chronically stressed could cause the low back and pelvis to tip forward causing an overarching position in the low back which compresses the spine leading to low back pain.

Another reason that low back pain maybe happening is because of a weak core. A weak core is when the muscles around the trunk aka the torso aren’t able to stabilize the body through movement. For example, if you’re bending over to pick something up and you aren’t using your core properly to keep you in an upright position, you could be rounding at your low back which can lead to irritation and low back pain.

Lastly, another reason for low back pain could be caused by weak or tight glutes. The glutes are the powerhouse of the hips and help with pushing your hips forward. When your glutes are either weak or tight they limit the hips ability to move fluidly and with strength. If the glutes are restricted or unable to perform their job optimally which could cause the low back to pretend to be the glutes.

There are many other reasons that could be causing or leading towards low back pain, these are just some of the common things we’ve seen with people we’ve helped overcome their back pain. As there are many reasons for low back pain, there are also many solutions that can help you with your low back pain. Here are 3 exercises we like to use to help our members loosen up their hips, strengthen their core and glutes.

USB Dead Bug

The dead bug is a great exercise that helps teach you how to brace through your core. It helps keep your pelvis in a neutral position which helps to strengthen your core. As you move your thighs through this motion it replicates similar movements such as walking, also known as locomotion. When we do dead bugs it helps stabilize our spine and keep the core contracted through active movement.

USB Glute Bridge

The glute bridge does a wonderful job at helping us use our posterior chain, fancy words for low back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This exercise will also help you with getting your hips to extend forward which is something needed if we’re sitting all day. Not only will you strengthen your core with this exercise you’ll also get a lot of core involved as well.

USB Deadlift

Deadlifts often get a bad rep in exercises because most everyone does them incorrectly and can lead towards low back pain. When you do a deadlift properly, you’re using the hips to hinge back rather than the low back. By hinging at the hips we get to use proper mechanics of bending in the body which can keep us safe through movement.

Low back pain can be complicated at times, but when you begin to take care of your body and learn how to move properly you’re able to start seeing results that can help you find relief with day to day movements.

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