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What Helps Our Members Have Success at Restored Strength?

We’re coming up on our 7th year in business in January (yaaaay!!!) and we’ve learned a lot of things in these past 7 years that have helped us not only grow as a company, but help our members achieve success!!

Norma started 5/11/2017

When we talk about success we aren’t referring to the results they’ve gotten, that’s part of it, but the majority of it is their ability to have stayed consistent with their commitment towards bettering their health and mental wellbeing.

We have members who’ve been here for almost 7 years, some who’ve been here for over 5, some who have been here for over 3 years, and one thing that they all have in common was that when they started they’ve never stuck with a fitness routine. Yet, here they are years later of continuous commitment.

Roberta started 06/16/2017

One of the biggest contributing factors for what they contribute their success to having consistency for the first time in their fitness journey is that they have accountability.

Having accountability has contributed to their years of success because they know that they have someone waiting for them to show up for the thing they said they would do. When we are accountable for ourselves its easier to let loose and give ourselves some more slack to which then eventually gets us to a point that we’ve talked ourselves out of doing the thing we said we would do.

Kristin started 09/09/2019

When you have a coach to help you keep accountable for your success you not only have a friend along the ride to help you. Accountability isn’t someone acting in a military fashion screaming and yelling at you, in fact it’s the opposite, its someone who is welcoming and friendly with empathy and belief in your ability to accomplish what feels impossible.

If you’re ready to have success like some of the RS members and would like to have accountability for your own fitness journey we are here to help you and be part of your support team!!!

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