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One Habit to Help Your Fitness Goals

Fitness can be overwhelming, time consuming, confusing, and so many more things that make it complicated to understand. It’s unfortunate because it delays people’s ability to get access to a great tool that will help you not only feel better, but be able to do more in your life. This is why you reach out to experts and professionals that are qualified and experienced to help you understand how to make a complicated thing seem simple.

When it comes to fitness most people get wrong the idea that they need to fully commit to 2 hours plus every day with workouts that are extremely difficult. This idea comes from an outdated approach to fitness which is not true nor does the science backup this claim that you need to go to this extreme to accomplish your goals. If we’re being honest here, the best results that people have gotten are from coming in twice to three times a week for about 40-50 minutes at most without destroying people’s bodies.

If you’ve tried fitness programs before and weren’t able to sustain them for more than a few weeks, this isn’t your fault, it’s just that the intensity they had you going at you weren’t ready for. When it comes to sustainable fitness for longevity and success it’s about doing something you enjoy and can commit to doing when you plan on doing it. This can be difficult for people who haven’t had much success in the past, but we’re here to give you a habit that will help you get started and hopefully keep your momentum moving forward!

The habit is called “5-Minute Flow” (, this was created by Max Shank, a fitness expert who has had a major influence in our approach to fitness.

The habit is simple, you set a timer for 5-minutes and start moving your body. There’s so one way to do this or wrong way, it’s merely the act of doing something, literally anything that gets your body to move! This could be as simple as doing some mobility stretches, yoga poses, bodyweight exercises, etc. The goal is to make 5 minutes in your day to work on taking care of your body in a way that fits you.

I’ve been practicing 5-minute flow for over 8 years now and have found it to be one of the greatest tools to use in fitness for sustainable consistency. I do this every day and the specifics will change on how I’m feeling or what my goals are. Give this a try for a month and see what kind of major changes you can see!!

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