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Rebell of the Month: Matt Bemer

We've got some awesome news to end your January- Matt is our Rebell of The Month!!! As you'll learn below, Matt has improved his strength significantly since starting at Restored Strength. He continues to improve his techniques and build new skills all with NO BURPEES!

Here’s his story!

1. Tell us about yourself and your background in training?

I'm a husband, father of one human and one canine. I'm a math & finance nerd with the power to bend spreadsheets to my will. I enjoy learning, refinishing wood furniture, jump rope, and giving to others.

I've never really had any weight training. Besides a couple high school sports, jump rope has always been my sport of choice. I performed for 21 years in front of crowds from 64 to 64,000 in schools, parades, college halftime shows, arena football, and various places in Japan. I competed through nationals and coached for 4 years. Jump rope has been in my life for 33 years.

2. What were your thoughts about strength training before and after training at Restored Strength?

I've always wanted to strength train, but have never known how to do it properly and haven't taken the initiative to learn. As I've settled into working desk jobs and getting older, it has become apparent I need a change. Restored Strength has shown me that I can improve and has given me great confidence in training.

3. What was a challenging barrier you overcame while training at Restored Strength?

I'm still very much a noob at Restored Strength, but I have made significant progress. I have had a lot of back issues and have been needing chiropractic care often. My time between visits is increasing and my adjustments are becoming less severe. The strength required to maintain alignment is coming back!

4. What has been your greatest achievement while training at Restored Strength?

I have gained a ton of strength. So many things suck less now like mowing the lawn, loading softener salt, carrying groceries, and especially that dastardly shoveling. It has been, dare I say, more enjoyable to do household tasks.

5. What was the most significant change you and your family/friends have noticed?

My strength and energy have increased. Most everything physical is becoming easier allowing me to spend more energy on the things I love rather than just getting through the day. My family gets less of worn out Matt, and more attentive Matt.

6. Why did you choose us as your gym?

Philosophy. Most places are too highly focused on improving how you look. Like your site says, "It's about being able to move your body with strength, grace, and energy, no matter your size, age, or injuries." I love this. And if I happen to shape up, bonus.

7. What do you like most about training at Restored Strength?

The care and community. All of the trainers genuinely care for us Rebells, both in and out of training. They also foster community between members and we grow together!

8. What were 3 benefits that you noticed while training at Restored Strength? Has this improved your life?

I feel better. I am stronger. I have tools to make it through the workday hurting less.

In short, I am improving physically and I'm much happier!

9. What separated us from other trainers you have worked with or other fitness plans you have tried?

Your teaching about being in tune with what our bodies are telling us and working out appropriately is something I have not experienced elsewhere. So many times in the past I've been pushed when sore, worn out, and just too tired. My body does tell me these things for a reason. I also know you'll call my bluff when I'm being a slacker.

10. Is there anything you would like to add?

I'm thankful for my returning strength, the great Rebell community, and for not having to do burpees.

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