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Why You Should Always Warm Up

Warming up can be something that most people will often skip or pass through quickly because they want to get into their workout right away. What most people will do is a light jog or walk on the treadmill for a few minutes, maybe do 2-3 stretches, or warm up with lighter weight. This can be problematic because it can lead to potential injuries and not being physically and mentally prepped for the workout.

Because we value doing things in a safe and informed way at Restored Strength we always have our members warm up before doing any physical activities. This allows for us to help our members go through a thorough sequential warm up every time they’re here. It covers some of the most important components such as foam rolling, core work, hip and shoulder related mobility exercises, and some dynamic movement. All of this leads to why you should always warm up.

Here’s why!

Helps Reduces Injuries

During winter we should warm the car up before we go anywhere, why wouldn’t that apply to our bodies as well? When it comes to warming up you begin with foam rolling tight or restricted areas in the body such as your thighs, calves, glutes, backs, etc. Foam rolling helps bring blood flow to those areas and helps gain an acute increase range of motion in the joints. Another reason that warming up helps reduce injuries is that your physically preparing the body for movement, which leads us to our next reason.

Physically Preps The Body

When you warm up properly you get the body physically prepared for activity by increasing blood flow, mobilizing your joints and also stimulating your core. This allows for you to get the body primed and ready for the movements you practice in your session. When you take the time to physically prepare the body it can get mentally prepped for what you’re going to do, which leads us to our last reason why you should always warm up.

Mentally Preps The Body

There is an important part to exercising and that is to be mentally prepared for what you are going to do. This allows for you to take a step away from work, life, home, the kids, etc. and focus on yourself. When we warm up we start telling the body that we are going to start exercising for the day it can then send a signal to the brain that informs it to get ready for activity. When we aren’t distracted by all of the other things going on in the day and are mentally focused on what activities we have in front of us it can help us be more mindful in our exercise that we can pay more attention to our technique which will reduce injuries.

If you want help with starting an exercise routine that will keep you safe, get you results, and have fun doing it, then emails us today to schedule your free consultation!

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